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About Us

It’s always more cost effective to prevent work place illnesses. A proactive approach to reducing employee risk exposure generates a more positive work place atmosphere. Q.C. Environmental can help ensure that your community is not negatively impacted by workplace or environmental exposures. Some exposures that can cause long-term health implications include toxic dust, noise, chemicals and gases.

We provide industrial hygiene monitoring in accordance with OSHA and NIOSH sampling methodology. We collect samples to help assess employee exposure to a wide range of contaminants including metals in welding fume, VOC’s and organics in paint lines, hexavalent chromium, crystalline silica, respirable and total particulates, noise exposure, and carbon monoxide testing.

Q.C. Environmental, a division of Q.C. Metallurgical Laboratory Inc., is an environmental laboratory and consulting service providing a wide range of services in the environmental testing and industrial hygiene fields. Our clients include governmental agencies, industrial/manufacturing and commercial companies.  

We are certified for wastewater, drinking water and solid waste analysis in Iowa and Illinois.  By maintaining these certifications we are ensuring that our laboratory continues to provide highly accurate and precise laboratory results to our customers that are legally defensible. Whether your collecting samples for stormwater testing, NPDES wastewater permit, solid waste classification per 40 CFR 261 or meeting your public water supply permit sampling requirements, we can provide the testing services that you need. Q.C. Environmental will also provide you with preserved sampling containers, sampling instructions, chain of custody forms and coolers, all at no charge.   

Q.C. Environmental not only provides excellent laboratory and consulting services but we also can provide field services for collecting your environmental compliance samples. Whether it’s collecting a grab sample or utilizing our field compositors to generate four-day average wastewater results our technicians are trained to collect your samples when it’s convenient for you. We also offer free sample pickup for local customers, contact us to see if we can provide this service to you.  

Call Q.C. Environmental with your environmental concerns and put your mind at ease by knowing exactly what is in your environment.

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