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Wastewater Analysis

Q.C. Environmental is an innovative company with outstanding quality and turn-around time. QCE routinely performs industrial wastewater analysis for influent and effluent monitoring, pretreatment monitoring, NPDES analysis, stormwater testing and troubleshooting analysis for your pretreatment systems. We are certified within the states of Iowa and Illinois for environmental analysis.

Our field technicians can come to your facility to collect grab samples or to set up a composite sampler for 24-hour sample collection. Just provide us with a copy of your discharge permit and let our technicians collect the samples for you.

You may also choose to collect the samples yourself. We can provide you with preserved sampling containers, cooler, ice, sampling instructions and chain of custody forms all at no charge. Just provide us with a copy of your discharge permit and we’ll send you a complete sampling kit for free. Free courier and pick-up services are also available in select regions.

Typical Wastewater Analytes

Analyte Acronym
Fats Oil and Grease FOG
Carbonaceous Biological Oxygen Demand 5 day. CBOD5
Biological Oxygen Demand 5 Day BOD5
Chemical Oxygen Demand COD
Total Suspended Solids TSS
Total Dissolved Solids TDS
Total Solids TS
Total Volatile Solids TVS
Kieldhal Nitrogen TKN
Ammonia as Nitrogen Ammonia
Mercury Hg
Cyanide CN
Arsenic As
Chloride Cl
Fluoride Fl
pH pH
Metals: Al, Sn, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Ca, Cr, Cr+6, Co, Cu Fe, Pb, Mg, Mn Si, Ni, Ag, Tl, Sn Ti, V, Zn
Total Coliform and E. coli bacteria. Coliform
E. Coli
Dissolved Oxygen DO
Total Phenolics Phenols
Sulfate Sulfate
Alkalinity Alkalinity
Hardness as Ca, Mn Carbonate. Hardness
Total Phosphorous Phos
Volatile Organic Compounds VOC
Semi Volatile Organic Compounds SVOC
Priority Pollutants
40CFR 122 Appendix D Table II.
Priority Pollutants
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